We carry all the thermometers you need to run a smooth food processing plant!

Bunzl Processor Division/Koch Supplies helps you maintain the proper and precise temperature of any product you sell by offering a full line of analog, dial, digital and specialty thermometers.

Analog thermometers are built to display the temperatures of a room in your work place, a freezer or refrigerated area, or the warmth or coolness various contained liquids.

Bi-metal dial thermometers are designed for in the industrial, commercial or food service industry, but can also be used for general laboratory use.  All are constructed from stainless steel to resist rusting and corrosion, and all can be recalibrated in the field.  Most are equipped with a pan clip so that they can be suspended from the side of a pan, beaker or flask.  Bunzl Processor Division does offer a cooking thermometer that can be used in the oven.  Bi-metal dial thermometers vary in their temperature ranges – ranging from as low as -40° F to as high as 250° F.

Digital meat thermometers come in a large variety of types as well and, like the bi-metal dial thermometers, are used in the industrial, commercial and food service industries.  Digital thermometers differ from dial thermometers in that they usually have large, easy-to-read LED displays that easily switch back between Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature readings.  Digital thermometers have different stems or probes specific to certain applications.  Heavy-duty probes for firm or semi-firm product, reduced tips or tapered probes for delicate products and quicker response time, and surface probes to measure surface temperatures.  Many digital thermometers are also waterproof.

Bunzl Processor Division also has a full line of specialty thermometers for other jobs or workstations.  Vapor tension thermometers for remote reading applications, infra-red thermometers for non-contact temperature readings, and data loggers or chart recorders designed for monitoring perishable food over a period of time, particularly when in transit.

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