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Freezer Tote Spreader
___--_ Freezer Tote Spreader
  Item #3502 53441

Designed for secure stacking and palletization of the freezer
  • Allows for heavy circulation around and in between the totes to facilitate the freezing process.
  • Stacks five totes per layer.
  • Freezer totes and pallets sold separately.
  • Dimensions: 53" x 44"; height: 4.25".
  • Weight: 19-lbs.

18" Vinyl Processing Sleeves


Stainless Steel Sausage Truck
Item #2990 4990

800-lb. Capacity

  • Heavy-duty, 14 gauge, type 304 stainless steel truck body is continuously welded for added strength and sanitation.
  • A solid rod reinforces the exclusive welded rim.
  • Large center load wheels allow truck to turn in tight spaces.
  • Reinforced understructure supports casters easily.
  • Standard wheel configuration.
  • Shipping weight: 104-lbs.

   ___--_ 4-Mil. Powdered Disposable Nitrile Gloves
Item # 7500 85695

Protection against animal fats, oil-based solvents, petroleum, caustics and acids. Three times the strength and puncture-resistance of conventional disposable gloves.

• All over texture improves grip without sacrificing dexterity.
• 9-1/2" glove with cuff.    
• Ambidextrous.    
• 2X-Large
• 100 per box — 10 boxes per case.

   ___--_ 7‑Mil. Clear PVC Bone Shield 
Item # 63029500

• Use in retail packaging when the clarity of the product cannot be compromised!
• Heavy bone shield protects against pouch punctures while the entire product remains visible. 
• Perforated roll stock for easy use.
• Dimensions: 775' ROLL x9" Wide.




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